Nancy Brown EF

I am a visual artist working in printmaking, ceramic, mosaic, metal and textile printing. My background is in printmaking and painting.  Artwork has taken me on adventures across Australia to remote communities, facilitating projects, creating decor and running workshops at festivals, schools, art in education programs and working alongside creative groups within the communities: Weipa, Birdsville, Kalkarindji, Normanton, the Pilbara and many places in between.  I make banners, flags and hand printed fabrics, create with mosaics, metal, ceramics and paint murals.  Beneath the surface of my creative work are the aesthetics of etching, serigraphy, lithography and engraving. Printmaking informs my artistic practice, and brings unity to my projects. My practice involves the collaborative process of making art from many hands. My work includes printmaking on ceramics, artist books, work on paper, canvas, jewellery and metal construction, sculptural surfaces and textiles. I enjoy seeing designs being created and it delights me to share the magic of printing images, text and patterns.

Nancy Brown


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