Learning again

Berries from my garden- Mulberry , Cranberry Hibiscus, Strawberry, Native Raspberry and Panama berry leaves printed with a tannin background on Calico.

Exploring some techniques that are both old and new to me. Back to tin tack basics with mordants. I usually make my own mordants from rusty objects, but am trying some more refined mordants for different darker results. I’m learning to print with these natural dyes on cotton and linen which allows me to transform all manner of secondhand items. The flooding of the work studio at BIA and is a new beginning of more considered choices. Still doing the mud clean up there, many hands make good friends, and strangely fresh atmosphere. Sad that so many prints and books were lost. Still rescuing throw outs from the street! An artists treasures and tools are a strange hodgepodge indeed.

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Woodford Bushtime festival

Woodford festival marks the old and new year for me, and the Bushtime festival was a magical small festival that seemed to distill the best of the other festivals, Science talks and walks, nights under the stars, busy creative sessions with the Woodford children cabaret and folk music. Best of all are the wonderful folk who belong to Woodford and create the festival each year, who hold a silence for the old year, and greet the new year sunrise with chanting on the hill

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Young women’s project 2021

Some photos from a project for Zig Zag young women’s art group. Sessions in screenprinting, expressive printmaking, jewellery making, pinch pot ceramics, sculptural casting, artist books and more. I really enjoyed facilitating these sessions where friendships grew as art was being created.

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New courses enrolling at Brisbane Institute of Art


Winter timetable 2021 is out and the courses for second semester are now enrolling. Brisbane Institute of Art has exhibitions in the Metcalfe gallery. Open studio spaces have a well lit and spacious ambience. Classes are for beginner through to advanced students.
Two photos, one from Glen Skien’s book to print course which I have been studying this semester, the other a photo of the display from the fabric printing semester class that I tutor.

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Autumn short courses at Brisbane Institute of Art.

Autumn is a great time to learn new skills or return to creative interests, and there are some exciting offerings the program at Brisbane Institute of Art.
I am offering a short course in printmaking with water based mediums on May 29th and 30th https://brisart.org/courses/short-courses/water-based-media-in-printmaking-detail

I’m also offering Indigo and plant dyeing https://brisart.org/courses/short-courses/indigo-plant-dyes-on-textiles-detail

cost is $345 for the 2 day courses.

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How art follows life, then life follows art.

I’m back in my studio, and have planted the garden with vegetables and fruit in pots to tempt and inspire me, as they crawl along the footpath and driveway, over fences and offer up their daily pickings. the shapes intrigue me, their interactions form conversations with each other and the animals that live among them. Entwining their lives with mine, I am intrigued that these plants have followed humans around for millennium, thriving on our ash and waste, while feeding us. In monoculture, we miss this dynamic, and it seems like missing the point of our place in time, space and collective memory.

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Creative 2020 At Brisbane Institute of Art

Classes will soon be recommencing At Brisbane Institute of Art.

I am offering the following courses. Click on link for more information and to enrol through their website

Fabric Printing 5 October to 20th November Monday 1pm to 4 pm

T shirt fundamentals 31 October and 1 st November 2 day course

Introduction to printmaking course
Monday mornings | 9:30am – 12:30pm | 5 October to 30 November | 9 weeks
Total: $ 575.00

Visit https://brisart.org/ for more details and enrolment

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Launch of Sally Dillon’s campaign Coorparoo

This was an unexpectedly delightful event at The Pocket community garden in Woollongabba. We were screenprinting onto recycled shirts and repurposing shirts into bags at the festive launch of Sally Dillon’s campaign for Coorparoo. This event at The Pocket community garden Woollongabba was a creative gathering of artists, gourmet pizza cooking, heart felt speeches and local musicians of all ages. The community garden setting with its inviting garden beds, planting and potting, community composting hub and table tennis table is an inspired example of a local community working together for positive change.

Sally, a penny farthing rider has placed discussion, creativity, fun and community connection with all ages at the centre of her campaign, and this event had a feeling of celebration.

Sally Dillon Greens campaign The Pocket Woollongabba

Screenprinting and potting plants Sally Dillon Greens campaign.

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Barcaldine FlyingArts

An artist in residence at Barcaldine as overt of the Small Schools program. The students had been working with Jenny Mace, a local botanical illustrator. My workshops were to make copper tiles and clay tiles for the entrance way to the school.

The students from prep to grade 6 began with observational drawings, and developed their designs from the patterns they observed in the plant shapes and structures.

Barcaldine Small Schools program Flying Arts

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Photos from an aerosol spay painting workshop at Rochedale State High School organised by Flying Arts

The students worked in groups to layer up large format work on panels with stencils

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