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 Brisbane Institute of Art Windsor Brisbane Spring 2020 courses are enrolling now

10th and 11th July 2021 Fabric Printing weekend course $350

Introduction to Printmaking 18 week semester course

Wednesday mornings | 9:30am – 12:30pm | commencing 14 July | 18 weeksTotal: $ 1060

Fabric design and printing to 4pm Wednesdays

| commencing 14 July | 18 weeksTotal: $ 1060

Private tuition and workshop bookings for groups also available

Scroll down for other available workshops or contact me or 0407268054 book a workshop or to facilitate projects- all ages and levels of abilities.

Nancy Brown

Flying Arts Weipa, Nancy Brown

Below is a list of courses that I offer by request. Workshops can be run for all ages and levels of experience and ability.

Bookings for small groups are welcome, contact me to discuss availability.

Screenprinting fundamentals

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of screenprinting without having to watch every dodgy YouTube clip on the web…? During this very fast paced and enjoyable workshop you will learn how to screen print onto material, t shirts, bags and other items with your own designs. We will cut a fine re-usable stencil with a design that can be re-used many times. Learn about how to prepare and use a screen for printing, what inks and additives to use, how to print onto different backgrounds, and how to set and care for the prints so that they are washable. Everything provided, including patient answers to all your questions, your own design on a range of surfaces. Course extends to cover the use of Photoemulsion.

Fabric Printing

The Fabric Printing course introduces and explores a variety of techniques for designing and printing onto a range of cotton clothes and fabrics. Students will become skilled in the use of a range of printing techniques for printing permanent images and designs, (including photos, children’s drawings or favourite magazine pictures, logos or designs) on cotton material, canvas, t-shirts, jeans, etc. – even book covers, wooden panels, almost anything flat and smooth. The fundamentals of  photoemulsion technique will be covered in this course

T-Shirt Fundamentals 101 with Nancy Brown
2 day workshop. Have you wondered how to print on T-shirts, what inks to use, how to make those fine detailed images that you see, how to use your own photographs or drawings to print onto T-shirts? This two day course will cover the T-shirt fundamentals, from simple stencilled designs to complex designs with words, cartoons and photographs, how to set up a T-shirt ‘jig’, how to use photographic emulsion, mixing and using blends of colour, and how to heat set the shirts. Everything you will need to know to get started at home to print original images onto T-shirts with the minimum of fuss.

Artist books, mixed media drawing and printing techniques

1/ day to 2 day workshop.  In this course some or the basic techniques for constructing artist books will be explored: pamphlet and Japanese stitching, assembling book covers and concertina books. It;s a great way to re-explore prints and drawings and interesting textiles that you may have gathered into an interesting hand made journal or sculptural book form. During this course mixed media drawing will be explored in the context of book making, using words and images to compose the pages within the book.

Dynamic textiles

Altering the colour of textiles or fibre is a fascinating way of exploring colour and pattern.
Shibori pleating, folding and clamping techniques will be explored, along with hand painting and printing resist techniques.  Both natural dyes and  synthetic cold water dyes will be used, creating patterns and prints on natural fibres. How to set the dyes into materials will be demonstrated and explained. 

 Introduction to Printmaking

There are no prerequisites for this course which introduces the basics of printmaking. You will explore screenprinting, monoprinting, chincolle and drypoint.  In exploring both the detail and graphic qualities afforded by printmaking, the various traditional processes will be taught, with an emphasis on the importance of responding creatively to materials.

Fabric Printing course

This course that covers screenprinting with hand cut stencils and photoemulsion, blockprinting and other fabric printing techniques, lean about different kind of inks, and how to print on t shirts, clothing and other items. This course shows you how to begin screenprinting without major expenses. approx $260 includes materials. Bring 3m of material to print on and other printable items- shirts, clothing cushion covers, and a sketchbook.  phone (07) 33973210

Textile Paint+Print+Pattern course

During this two day  course you will learn some of the traditional techniques of creating images and patterns onto natural materials. Resist techniques, shibori pleating and folding and hand painting and printing with natural or fibrereactive dyes.

Shibori, and natural Dyes

Learn how to use Indigo and other natural dyes, learn how to extract dyes from plants and use them to dye and print a range of materials. learn Shibori Resists and contact prints from plants. Learn how to mordant, steam and leaf prints and plant dyes on wool, silk, linen or cotton. This interesting course brews and bubbles with possibilities!

Printmaking Courses:


Learn a range of techniques for screen printing. I teach photoemulsion screenprinting and how to expose screens using sunlight as the light source, so no equipment is required other than the know-how!  learn what inks to use and how to print onto a range of different surfaces.

Etching and intaglio printmaking

Printmaking courses cover monoprinting, relief printmaking, etching, screenprinting, collagraphs, solar plate etching. Learn a range of low toxic and versatile printmaking techniques. aluminium and copper plate etching, sugar lift and aquatint.  This course also covers some metal imaging techniques useful for jewellery makers. beginners and advanced short courses available at Impress studio, see website for course enrolments.

Experimental printmaking

A workshop that covers a range of printmaking techniques: monoprints, screenprints, collagraphs, printing from found objects and layering with colour. The techniques that are easy to learn, and enhance experimentation and free creativity, while producing detailed and visually vibrant work on paper and other materials.

Lantern making

This workshop presents many of the skills required to create large festival lanterns and will be of special interest to event organisers wanting to enhance local events and festivals. Beginning with an introduction to lantern making using examples, participants are shown how use the basic tools and materials to construct the frames then skin and decorate them.

Artist books

Artist books and journals are a great way of collecting and developing ideas. There are no limits to what an artist book can be, or what might be in it. They can be sculptural, have built in, pop out or secret sections and shadow chapters . Discover some of the possibilities of the artist book, transferring images, cutting through and adding layers imagining and growing imagery with every turn of the page.  Learn how to make an artist book. Learn different stitching and construction for hand made journals.

Upcycled Clothing

Change the colour and design of out of style clothing and recreate garments into new fashion statements and wearable art- This course covers techniques of handpainting, blockprinting, screenprinting,  shibori and resist dyeing, creating new garments from old. Learn how to create your own images on readymade items, and explore some of the possibilities of  surface pattern in fashion and design during this two day workshop.

Shibori, print and resist techniques with an indigo pot

During this one day course some of the mysteries of Indigo pot will be explored.

True indigo is a curious dye which develops into rich blues as it transforms in the air. Working natural indigo, the dye will be used to create a range of beautiful tones on silk and cotton scarves. Techniques of printing material to create patterns will also be shown, and shibori folding techniques will be  demonstrated.

Participants will work on pre hemmed scarves provided, and are encouraged to bring their own small items to transform in the indigo brew.

Prints from Plants

During this workshop we will create prints onto a scarf or sarong from the plants growing in your garden,  and create stencil shapes cut from recycled plastic. Make beautiful and coloruful designs that can be set into the material so that it is washable.This workshop will enable participants the skills to successfully upcycle clothing, creating pattern, print and stencil shapes in bright colours.

Mosaic from recycled china

Learn how to mosaic with broken china pieces. During this workshop we will be creating a small mosaic from recycled and repurposed broken china onto recycled objects and surfaces. The pieces will be glued to the surface of a small re-purposed object: a flowerpot, bowl, sign or tile, that can be placed in a garden setting. Participants will then learn how to apply grout to the pieces, creating a vibrant finished mosaic piece.

Design and paint a mural

From research to design and drawing to preparing the wall surface drawing up and painting of a mural, This course covers the steps needed to paint a large scale mural, and some of the considerations of designing a mural for a public space.

Printing techniques for drawing classes

Add to the range of mark making by introducing printing techniques to observational, expressive and abstract drawings.

Fresco painting 

1/2 day to 2 day workshop. Fresco is one of the most ancient forms of painting. It is a highly sensitive medium where pigment is bonded with fresh plaster. Learn how to make a shaped plaster of Paris slab that can be Painted, printed, sculpted and carved as it sets to create sculptural object d’art.






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