some bicycle artwork in progress from my class at BIA.

This artwork will be on display on Saturday 20th October at the Archive bar in West End from 12pm-4pm as part of the Bicycle Film Festival.

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Blue sky, and cycleways. Cycling over and under the bridges on the Brisbane river, watching racing bikes speed by, past the tourists, lovers, commuters and swimmers, cycling past barges and ferries. The feeling of freedom cycling by the weekend events, markets, live music and art. Catching the ferry to begin the ride again on the other side. Cycling one of my preferred leisure activities, and Brisbane is the perfect city for riding, with new stretches of cycleway constantly being put in place.  Recently I discovered a new stretch near Boggo Road with markets on Sunday mornings that host live music, handmade things, good food and tours of the old jail.  The stretch of floating cycleway that snaked away during the floods is going to be rebuilt,  It will be fixed, not floating, and I miss that etherial feeling of cycling and floating on the river on the way to the Powerhouse and New Farm.

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