Street reads

It is all about to begin! the website is up with some delicious music, exciting stories, all at different locations in Brisbane and South Bank. Sponsored by Brisbane Writers festival, Brisbane City Council and ebook revolution

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During the project, Fatima S Hellfisch and Ingrid Burkett dropped by my studio and offered to help. Fatima S Hellfisch collaborated on the Zombies making them veinous and decayed, the elephant, the creepy hands waving from the river, the ferris wheel, the Goma sign, a giant tree, the unicyclist. creepy ibises and Death’s doors. Ingrid Burkett drew legs and psychedelic butterflies from some old engravings I had on hand. I drew dinosaurs, viruses, crows, flocks of birds, ducks, a dragon, and angels.
The method we use is a type of engraving that Fatima invented. The drawings for Street read were done over a very intense 8 weeks. After that, some trickery: layering the images and sending them to Emily Craven our editor.
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