Big Day

Queensland Academy of Creative Industries is an unusual high school in Brisbane that was founded as part of the “Smart State” initiative. It is a state school that offers a range of creative subjects within the High School curriculum. I visited for the Big Day, an annual event where visiting artists talk about their work and offer a day of exploration in their area of practice. This year the artists were :
Simone Eisler : Ephemeral/Nature Art/Sculpture
Sophie Munns: mixed media artist books
Dave Machen : sculpture
Joachim Froese: Digital photography
Zoe Porter : Watercolour animal human hybrids.
I was invited to present the textile workshop, The students designed and screenprinted stencils for fabric, and then the day’s work was exhibited and a presentation of photos from the workshops was shown and discussed. The  range of work exhibited at the end of the day amazed me and it was interesting to see what all the visiting artists did at the other workshops. Here are some photos.

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