Pressing question

Can you print etchings on a clay press? I was invited to run a drypoint etching workshop at a school that didn’t have an etching press, and so the journey of discovery began. It was a two day Flying Arts workshop at North Lakes State High School, where International students were welcomed to the school with some art workshops. It was a very large class, and we had two complete days of printmaking, making artists books, screenprints and drypoint etchings. The students did some very focussed and detailed etchings, inspired by old engravings. We inked them up with water based inks, and they printed very successfully through the slab press.

The secret to printing etchings through a clay press is to use with high quality press blankets that I brought with me. They soften the rickety action and provide downward pressure so that the plates emboss. Some photos from the workshops.

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