Set up for Woodford Folk Festival

Set up at Woodford Folk Festival is a magic time, a sneak preview of the atmosphere of the festival. This year I dyed 150 metres of material  to match the yam shaped chandelier ‘yamdelier’ at the centre of the Songlines venue. It was a blend of reds, oranges and earth colours.

I thought this year was remarkable for the details. The latest bamboo creation “nest” was a marvel and a genuine glimpse of what the birds see at the site. One of my favourites is the Woodford postal service, with its elegant old fashioned writing room where a poet can help you to compose that special letter, and their postal service delivers several times a day to venues at the festival, or a text arrives and a letter can be collected.

Everything at the festival set up is about teamwork. I passed the material along to the decor and ceilings team who painted a dotted motif on it and installed it at the Songlines venue.

I enjoyed the sound of the Woodford orchestra rehearsing at the Grand as I entered the festival each morning on my way to Artisania, and dancing into the night at the Larrikin to the Irish music.



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