Woodford Folk Festival 18-19

My year began at Woodford Folk Festival running workshops in the Children’s Festival, where children can roam and discover a festival designed just for them. This year there was a beautiful permaculture area complete with wisdom from Costa Georgiadis in his red felted pixie hat. There was a mist fountain for staying cool, and we had our own performance by the popular Formidable Vegetable band.

My amazing team: Louise, Georgia, Alison and Alistair helped the children print hundreds of bags and banners, paint and print fans, and make badges. The children cut their own stencils to print over my design for 2018-19. My background was a permaculture garden, with peanuts, beans, onions, carrots, passion fruit, musings and music. This was happenstance, because the edible paradise theme infused the festival philosophy this year. Thanks To Becky Wandell and all the volunteers who organise such an amazing event for kids each year.

Lets make 2019 renewable, creative and happy!








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