Learning again

Berries from my garden- Mulberry , Cranberry Hibiscus, Strawberry, Native Raspberry and Panama berry leaves printed with a tannin background on Calico.

Exploring some techniques that are both old and new to me. Back to tin tack basics with mordants. I usually make my own mordants from rusty objects, but am trying some more refined mordants for different darker results. I’m learning to print with these natural dyes on cotton and linen which allows me to transform all manner of secondhand items. The flooding of the work studio at BIA and is a new beginning of more considered choices. Still doing the mud clean up there, many hands make good friends, and strangely fresh atmosphere. Sad that so many prints and books were lost. Still rescuing throw outs from the street! An artists treasures and tools are a strange hodgepodge indeed.

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