Archaeology exhibition Logan Art Gallery

Finishing touches for Archaeology exhibition at Logan Art Gallery with FS Hellfisch. I can hardly believe how swiftly the time passed we first discussed the idea of  our Archaeology  to the reality of the exhibition.

Opens 6.30pm. Logan Art Gallery Cnr. Wembley Road & Jacaranda Avenue, Logan Central Qld 4114.

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Woodford Folk Festival 18-19

My year began at Woodford Folk Festival running workshops in the Children’s Festival, where children can roam and discover a festival designed just for them. This year there was a beautiful permaculture area complete with wisdom from Costa Georgiadis in his red felted pixie hat. There was a mist fountain for staying cool, and we had our own performance by the popular Formidable Vegetable band.

My amazing team: Louise, Georgia, Alison and Alistair helped the children print hundreds of bags and banners, paint and print fans, and make badges. The children cut their own stencils to print over my design for 2018-19. My background was a permaculture garden, with peanuts, beans, onions, carrots, passion fruit, musings and music. This was happenstance, because the edible paradise theme infused the festival philosophy this year. Thanks To Becky Wandell and all the volunteers who organise such an amazing event for kids each year.

Lets make 2019 renewable, creative and happy!








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My Arrival: converging stories

My current project is about Arrival stories. Arriving in a new country leaving friends and families behind, The need to understand a new language and oriient a new culture and place. The stories are unfurling stories from lives of change and upheaval. Stories about having to be brave- children travelling without family,children escaping terror

The students in the project are learning English,and the project is funded by Arts Queensland. We began at Logan Art Gallery, making small books and then printing images from them ont T shirts. Our plan is to wear them to the project opening at Logan Gallery in October.





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Fresco explorations

It’s strange how a technique that reigned supreme since the Bronze Age has fallen so deeply out of practice. I’ve been exploring ideas with plaster of Paris and pigments combining fresco painting with pigment printing and carving. I’m now working towards an exhibition titled Archaeology at Logan Art Gallery with the work of extraordinary FS Helfisch.

Some ideas from a weekend session exploring fresco, I believe that the mummified rat was gifted to FS after an archaeological dig At the School of Art. .

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Gympie plants, rust and indigo

Visiting Gympie, stunning in its clear green winter perfection. I have visited the gallery space previously running a silk workshop and textile design and printing workshop with Flying Arts.  This time the workshop was natural dyes for the Textile and Fibre group. The group were creative and inventive, and so it followed that I made some new discoveries, one that my usual, textile steamer can hold and steam many individual pieces suspended and separated something like loading a kiln for ceramics.

I Stayed on an idyllic property west of Gympie where hosts Marie and Dennis live with their horses dogs and menagerie of birds and a flock of sheep.

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Logan Art Gallery studio session

A session at the Logan Art Gallery. Photoemulsion screenprinting from drawing to printing for secondary teachers. Sponsored by School Art Supplies.


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Invisible garden

Photographs from my exhibition at Gatakers Artspace Maryborough. Exhibition continues until February 28th.




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Highlights: Chandeliers and Sculptural lighting of the Woodford Folk Festival.

Kez Howell designs the amazing chandeliers and sculptural lanterns for the Woodford Folk Festival. These ingenious creations adorn the venues, lakes and walkways.  Kez Howell and Cliff Salaun sculpt, forge, weld, print, paint, dye sew then run the electricity through these incredible structures of metal and cloth. They create magic across the entire festival each year.






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Festival season

I visited Maryborough for the Festive heart of Christmas celebrations. There were a range of offerings each day for families, from interactions with rescued wildlife to mural painting. It was held in the historic town hall. It was great to see families sharing new experiences and making gifts together outside of the commercial machinations Christmas. The event was hosted and organised by Fraser Coast  Regional Council.

I ran sessions in badgemaking, bunting, decorative fans, printed tote bags, teepee making, pendant creations, flags and bandannas. Maryborough can be a whimsical town, and the Town Hall was a hive of activity.



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Upcycling workshop

Some photos from a workshop I ran for Brisbane City Council: recreating clothing.

The workshop was part of the Revive festival, where the speakers addressed the issue of waste from the textile industry and the disturbing phenomenon to junk fashion and throwaway textiles.  These textiles are made from synthetic, polyester and nylon which are plastic and by products of the oil industry. They never break down.

Stallholders were op shops and upcycle businesses from around Brisbane, and there was a re-fashion parade. It was a treasure trove of ideas and retro styling. Refreshing the wardrobe with a visit to the op shop part of town- Annerley and Stones Corner, or dropping into  thrift shops on a road trip gives local charities a boost and allows the environment a well deserved rest.



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