from little things…..

Skip diver trees. I don’t like plastic, the look of it, the feel of it, it’s horrible smell and when I hear the those squeaky styrofoam noises and scrunchy plastic sounds it makes I feel irritated. The fact that is never breaks down deeply disturbs me. All those little plastic things seven billion of us use form giant mountains of rubbish on the land, then with rain, lo and behold! Islands the size of continents form that are choking the ocean. The sludge of the oil industry is transformed into one use products that we often don’t need. Why do we moan about the price of petrol when water is sold in one use bottles for a pretty penny? Whatever happened to bubblers, and legs? What ever happened to getting broken things fixed?  The bottle continues it’s dance into the landfill and sea after the one drink wonder is done. Good planets are hard to find. Why are we smothering ours with layers of plastic? Trees are like us in reverse, they breathe in what we breathe our and our waste is their food. Perfect engineering with perfect packaging, the water keeping it all moving, rotating plant to animal.

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Why are we poisoning our water? Its about time we all jolly well woke up to ourselves.

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