printed teepees

This project is something I’ve wanted to do since I made my first teepee a few years ago, and the artist residence at Mt Nebo school was the perfect project to create these teepees.

At the after school care centre the creative projects proliferate, and the parents share the enthusiasm for the creative projects in this dynamic community. Venus, Roma and Vanessa and others have guided the children through some extraordinary projects, including casting body parts and a billy cart project where the billy carts were made, then learner and provisional licence tests were give to would be billy cart enthusiasts.

On my project, there were two days printing,  followed by a teepee making day

The whole school participated in the painting and printing of the teepees, and the grade 1-3 teepee was exhibited at the Pine Rivers regional Youth Art awards, called ‘In the rainbow hut the birds are singing’

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