Back to Coochie

The 8.30 ferry from Victoria Point took us across to the little island .

I had brought along some silk, and I wanted to print some treasures from Coochie onto it. The group were busy preparing for their annual exhibition, but made time to join a little printing adventure.

Exploring the sand near the hall I found a crab that had been speared by a bird. I brought it back up to the hall. As I stepped from the sand onto the red clay rock of the island I noticed an eroded layer thick with shells. A midden. Coochiemudlo has a heritage listed wetland. The island has a feeling of peace and timelessness.

The little blue crab was sketched, photographed and saved as inspiration for the Sense of Coochie exhibition in November this year at Redland Art Gallery

Everyone printed silks, and I whisked their finished pieces away to take these photos. I just love the sight of the material in the place that inspired it.

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