without walls

The little artists took their guests to their opening at the Exhibition Centre. Along with their individual pieces that I framed, I had hemmed the long cloths that we had printed. When I first arrived at the preschool in March I had brought along a cut out calico teepee.

As the project went on it’s journey I had forgotten about it, and still hadn’t done anything with it. “What about the teepee?” Apologetically I confessed I had no time left, so I left it there. In their own time the children painted and printed it, and Vikki, the pre school director stitched it together. The parents pitched it, and I was delighted to see it in the vast space of the exhibition hall inviting the curious in.

It coincided with a teepee weekend for me with my own dear old teepee full of happy memories and some tears, folded down for the last time before I remake it into something else. Ā Something I love about teepees is that you can light a little fire inside, and then there is warmth. light and a glow from the inside. The simplicity of the structure is hard to believe and when I sit inside I am always surprised by the feeling of generous space.

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