The Planting

The Planting festival at Woodfordia has grown from a small spades and gumboots gathering to a festival with shady trees, arts, talks, ideas and music. The trees have grown, and now the plantings are of tree orchards, a ceremonial planting of an olive tree from Spain, and symbolic planting of ideas. Michael Leunig added his magic to the mix this year. Those of us who love this festival wish the world was always like this village, and resolve to carry the connection, ideas and feeling of freedom back to the less real world.

This year there was a tearoom with daily offering of tea and award winning cakes from the local show. I went to a puppet making workshop with Sol Puppetman, a life drawing session in the evening, and to botanical alchemy with Ali de Groote. I ran screenprinted festival pockets, pendant and textile workshops for children.

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Screenprinting in Maryborough

I visited Maryborough to run a screenprinting workshop at Gatakers Artspace.  The Gatakers print studio is home to some very experienced artist printmakers. Maryborough, with its historic buildings on the Mary River is a great place to visit and Gatakers by night was on with some great food and music for the last Saturday of each month.

Here are some photos from the workshop:



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Photos from the process of making

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Set up for Woodford Folk Festival

Set up at Woodford Folk Festival is a magic time, a sneak preview of the atmosphere of the festival. This year I dyed 150 metres of material  to match the yam shaped chandelier ‘yamdelier’ at the centre of the Songlines venue. It was a blend of reds, oranges and earth colours.

I thought this year was remarkable for the details. The latest bamboo creation “nest” was a marvel and a genuine glimpse of what the birds see at the site. One of my favourites is the Woodford postal service, with its elegant old fashioned writing room where a poet can help you to compose that special letter, and their postal service delivers several times a day to venues at the festival, or a text arrives and a letter can be collected.

Everything at the festival set up is about teamwork. I passed the material along to the decor and ceilings team who painted a dotted motif on it and installed it at the Songlines venue.

I enjoyed the sound of the Woodford orchestra rehearsing at the Grand as I entered the festival each morning on my way to Artisania, and dancing into the night at the Larrikin to the Irish music.



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Something new

Here are some photos of the fountains that I made at Brisbane Institute of Art. I have been a student in a semester long sculptural ceramic course with Dianne Peach.

To me, there is something wonderful about the way ceramics hold and contain water, to be able to touch and to see the water in the vessel.  I’ve had a dream of creating fountains, and today, with lots of help from Dianne, the idea became a reality, out of the kiln, and assembled for the end of year exhibition. It is lovely to see the water flowing and to listen to it. They are on display in the BIA end of year exhibition.





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Leaving old work behind, and unsure where I’m heading with the new,  some delft blue prints on porcelain


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t shirt printing weekend

A simple T shirt can become a work of art.

I am running a course this coming weekend that always has interesting results: T shirt printing. It is on Saturday and Sunday 22-23rd October.

If you have ever wondered how to print detailed designs and text onto shirts or dreamed of designing your own range of T shirts, then this short course can bring those ideas to fruition. During this course we prepare screens with images for photoemulsion printing on T shirts.

We then expose the photoemulsion screens in the sun to produce detailed images from your own text, photos or drawing. The images are then screen printed by hand onto t shirts with water based ink and heat set so that they are fully washable.

By the end of the weekend designs will be ready to wear, looking professional with detailed text and images.

No experience necessary!



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pictures in an exhibition

New paintings and prints, frames within frames, my pictures in an exhibition.

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Finding the words to say it

Every day I need the wisdom and inspiration of others. I think it is time to reclaim our innocence.

” In every gardener there is a child who believes in the seed fairy”

The quote is by Robert Brault.

I printed some of my favourite quotes onto porcelain and then made them into pendants.

For more inspiration of Robert Brault’s inspiration follow this link, He is an inspired writer and marvellous blogger, I could lose myself in his words:

“What is a gardener but a magician’s assistant?”

More insightful writing about gardens:

Hugh Johnson ” no two days are the same in one garden” from The Principles of  Gardening (1979}

Sydney Eddison ” Gardens are a form of Autobiography”

Kahlil Gibran “Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky We fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness”



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Printing with dye

Recently I was given some dyes and silk paints, so have begun printing with them. The colours are beautiful, and the material completely keeps its feel. I’ve enjoyed putting my big steamer back in action to set the dyes. With the advent of the digital print, screenprinting with dyes lost the brief popularity it had in the early 1980’s. It’s not the easiest thing to do, though it is incredibly satisfying to see the pieces emerge from the steamer of dye bath with the intensity of colour, and the creative possibilities of placement and overprinting, and best of all it looks and feels nothing like digital printing.

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